Roll Call

Series 1 – Lads Army: Waterloo Platoon Privates
at Browndown Camp, Gosport, Hants
Presenter: Kate Thornton
Commentator: Kevin Whately

One Section Adebayo, Bates, Cooke, Copeland, Dodd, Faulkner, Honzik, Pitman, Polter, Rossiter, Sandford, Watts, Willingham, Wood, Woolf
Two Section Daly, Eagle, Ellis, Gardener, Hamilton, Hampson, Harrison, Holbrook, Kinsey, Larson, Leyland, Neal, O`Hanlon, Spiers, Web

Series 2 – Bad Lads Army: Montgomery Platoon Privates
at New Zealand Farm Camp, Salisbury Plain, Wilts
Presenter: Lord Brockett
Commentator: Dennis Waterman

One Section Andrews, Birks, Butler, Carr, Cray, Cummings, Gilks, Grundy, Irish, Kyprianou, Lamont, Morton, Moynihan, Murtada, Pembroke, Simpson
Two Section Andrew, Blackham, Brown A, Brown L, Davies, Ellis, Kett, Lowes, Rennie, Sekerami, Shutler, Spiller, Townsend, Weaver, Xidakis
Series 3 – Bad Lads Army Officer Class: Churchill Platoon Privates
at Browndown Army Camp, Gosport, Hants
Presenter: Lord Brockett
Commentator: Dennis Waterman

One Section Bailey, Bedford C, Danns (replacement recruit), Kendall, Groom, Harvey (“Nemo”), Magill, Miller, Oakley, Page, Pinkney, Roberts, Schofield, Tate D, Tate M, Worrell
Two Section Adams, Barrett, Bedford S, Haines, Hardman, Hasan, Johnston, McDade, Piatkiewicz, Priestman, Rawlings (replacement recruit), Russell, Scalercio, Smith, Turtin, Woodend
Series 4 – Bad Lads Army: Extreme: Pegasus Platoon Privates
at Sandown Army Camp, Bournemouth, Dorset
Commentator: Dennis Waterman

Blue and Red Sections Bourne, Brooks, Bruce-Angland, Burke, Chaffe, Coad, Elliot, Findlay, Grimes, Impey, Jensen, Jimson, Judd, Howard, Hodgson, McDonald, Mercer, Morris, Moyes, Nawaz, Petot, Reed, Renwick, Riley, Smedley, Thompson, Walker G, Walker I, Walker S, Walsh, Woodforth, Woodhouse

NCOs and Officers for All Series

Bohanna, Medical Lance-Corporal (Series 4)
Bush, Relief Corporal & PTI (Series 4)
Dodds, Captain (Series 2 & 4), Major (Series 3)
Edwards, Provost Sergeant (Series 2)
Goodwin, PTI (All Series)
Hoodless, Relief Corporal (Series 3)
Lort-Phillips, Captain (Series 3)
Murray, Corporal 2 (or Red) Section (All Series)
Nauyokas, Corporal 1 (or Blue) Section (Series 1, 2 & 4), Relief Corporal (Series 3)
Nash, PTI (Series 3)
Newton, PTI (Series 4)
Rae, Platoon Sergeant (Series 2, 3 & 4)
Sawell, PTI (Series 1)
Sheriden, PTI (Series 2)
Sullivan, Sergeant (Series 1 & 2)
Thomas, Company Sergeant Major (Series 2), Corporal 1 Section (Series 3)
Tucker, Lance-Corporal (Series 4)
Walsh, Medical Lance-Corporal (Series 4)
Weston, Provost Sergeant (Series 3 & 4)
Whatley, Company Sergeant Major (Series 3 & 4)