Hello Fans!

Enjoy the new site.  Its mostly the same functionality as the old site, but jazzed up a bit.

The new site is no longer custom built and uses a package called WordPress, so its much simpler to manage.

The site has also changed where its being hosted in these cost sensitive times. However, there will be a change over period with ladsarmy.info remaining as is for sometime yet.

Please note the links to Adrenline Boot Camps and Not All Bad, for a unique Corporal Nauyokas experience!

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5 Responses to Hello Fans!

  1. kile fletcher says:

    i am a huge fan of watching Bad Lads Army and i am very disapointed of the fact that bad lads army is not showing on ITV anymore. it would be great to see it back on tv because it is a brilliant example of why national service should be brought back and also because it is an absolutly halarious programme. please put it into concideration to bring back Bad Lads Army. i would love to hear back from you,


  2. MikeW says:

    Sadly, I am also only a fan and would love to see the show’s return. All I can hope is that keeping this site running will influence ITV in the future to agree its return.

  3. bring it back.do the unemployed good

  4. Rissen says:

    Many wonder what happened to Darren McDonald in Series 4? He was the star of the show in episode 4, and then suddenly he just wasn’t there at all in episode 5. Anyone has an answer?

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